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Being intrigued by music at a very young age, Precious Divinity began writing songs at the age of 13. At 18 she was signed to a development deal with Nevada Recording Studios under the direction of Travis Williams. She was also hired as a studio singer for Robert Kleiner being the voice on his song Only You. She was introduced to Las Vegas radio station program director & on-air personality "Julio the Gardener" of 98.5 KLUC. She quickly caught the attention of Warner Brothers thanks to NRS' owner who was formerly Tanya Tucker's manager. After 3 submissions WB expressed interest in signing her. Travis ran off with the music thinking he could sign the deal on his own but consequently the door was shut. Divinity pushed on & began performing  in local stage shows & reviews. Initially hired as a dancer she managed to work her way up to singing in a couple productions. Deciding music was where she found the most fulfillment she quit doing shows to pursue music full time. She studied voice with David London, all the while writing songs & lyrics to build her library.  

Divinity soon began recording her original music. On her 1st venture she teamed with acquaintance Mike Melnick who was a sound engineer at Paramount Recording Studios in Los Angeles, CA. "Mike got me into the big studio, so all the bands kept asking who I was. When I left House of Pain was in the parking lot & asked me for a light," Divinity jokes. "That was funny." Not having any connections in promotion/distribution the demo landed in a few hands, including David Wolff (Cyndi Lauper), but she never was signed. Divinity went on to tour worldwide with Playboy's Girls of Rock n Roll. While in Hawaii she met Vanilla Ice's camp. Vanilla Ice was playing the same stage the night after. Chuck Quon (now known as Dirty Chopstix) & Divinity became good friends. After the tour Divinity moved to New York City. She met production team Harriston & McClain & rap song Funky White Girl was born. Chuck introduced Divinity to his brother Tommy Quon of Ultrax Records. Divinity flew to Plano, TX where she auditioned for TQ. He was so impressed she was asked to open for Vanilla Ice on a 5 city tour in California if she could get 3 more songs together in 2 weeks to fill a 20 minute opening act slot. When she arrived back to NYC Harriston & McClain refused to hand over the music they had been working on unless Divinity agreed to sign contracts for the music. Divinity went straight to entertainment lawyer Douglas V. Browne. Harriston/McClain refused to sign to anything less than 2/3 of all money generated from FWG even though Divinity wrote the rap & paid to professionally record at The Hit Factory in NYC. Feeling this was unfair she halted all productions in process with the duo, missed the deadline for the Vanilla Ice tour & was replaced. Meanwhile, movie director Rob Weiss hand-picked her to appear in his film Amongst Friends which was being filmed in Brooklyn. She is featured in every trailor, as well as the movie.

Through a friend FWG ended up being heard by John McClain (Janet & Michael Jackson) who wanted the song but had no interest in Divinity performing it. Encouraged by McClain's validation that the song was a "hit" Divinity went on to audition for Wes at SOLAR Records in Los Angeles. Divinity was encouraged by Wes' vow to sign her but still stopped on the elevator a few floors down to meet Suge Knight of then, Knight Owl Productions. Divinity recalls: "I rapped FWG & about 3 others I'd been working on. Suge looked at me & said 'you good, but you white.' Time would tell me that statement meant he couldn't help me although his comment validated me as a rapper." The deal with Wes & SOLAR. ended when Wes asked Divy to meet him at a hotel room for a "photo shoot." Needless to say she didn't go but she did give him a piece of her mind. While in L.A. Divinity met with music group 5th Avenue (Epic/ SOLAR Records) & penned a deal for her song Hit & Run Lover.  

Still writing & recording original material, Divinity moved around for a while & kept busy singing with local bands, i.e. Matt & Steve, Milossa Munlin & Smaller Than Life. She performed at festivals & other smaller gigs. Being in the Cincinnati circuit now, she ended up re-mixing her original Be My Man with Joel "Razor" Johnson of George Clinton & the Parliament   Funkadelics. She also was chosen out of 18,000 people to dance on-stage with then 0)+> at the Crown in Cincinnati. The stage presence she developed all her years of performing paid off & she stole the show. Divinity says: "I started doing my Morris Day moves & the audience roared. It looked like the audience was watching a tennis match, snapping their heads right to left to look at Prince then me." Prince's security blocked her on-stage & she was told Prince wanted to talk to her. Everything was chaotic & security was unable to get clearance to escort Divinity backstage so they apologized & walked her back to her seat. Divinity went home & sent & letter & gift to Paisley Park. To her surprise she received a call back from "Sunny" who granted her permission to submit to Prince's record company. This went on for about a year to which Divinity was more than delighted as Prince is her main musical inspiration. Divinity travelled to Minneapolis to meet with Sunny. She checked into the hotel &  called Sunny to arrange the meeting at Paisley Park but was told Prince just did a mass firing & he was included in the let-go. Divinity got as far as the front gate, where she took a photo as a rainbow appeared. Next!  

Inspired by the year of free reign to submit, call & counsel with Sunny at Paisley Park she went back to NYC to record with producer James "Jiggy JK" Williams. She then submitted promo packs to numerous labels & got
an offer from OarFin Records Minneapolis. Divinity was off to Minneapolis to record with a live band. "This was a really exciting time for me," says Divinity. "I was in Minneapolis, being managed by James Walsh, formerly of the 70's band Gypsy & I finally had promo/distribution through Danford Entertainment Group. Jonny Lang was also recording at OarFin at the time & came to my welcome party." Walsh & Divinity did a re-make of Prince's Crazy You, an acoustic song off his 1st album, to which Divinity added a 2nd verse. "It was funny," says Divinity, "none of us could get the record to play then one day I came in the studio & heard this beautiful sound. I asked Mr. Walsh how he got the record to play- he said, 'I didn't I went straight to the source.'" (Walsh had done some previous recordings at Paisley Park.) Divinity holds dear the original taped recording where you can hear Prince say "rest" directing the orchestration. While at OarFin, Divinity adds "I was in the studio recording & looked up & saw the men in black standing in the doorway. I asked the engineer (Todd Fitzgerald now of Winterland Studios) what was up. He replied, 'nothing, Bobby Z stopped by & is standing outside the door listening.' That was cool." She finished the 1st go 'round of recordings & was supposed to return to Minneapolis to do the final mixes for the album entitled Hit In Heaven. Her financial backer dropped out & everyone was left empty handed. Life went on.  

In late 2000 Divinity was recording some songs with Jon Gorr in Pittsburgh, PA for her next project entitled Divinity 2001…an odyssey. She received an invite to perform at the 20th Annual Music Industry Celebration, an annual pre-Grammy party sponsored by Vonny Hilton-Sweeney (James Brown.) Of course she accepted. Gorr, having previously worked at a major label, had many music connections so he decided to take things up a notch by enlisting Reb Beach  (Winger guitarist) to play on a few tracks. Funky White Girl was revamped. Upon arriving in Hollywood in February 2001 for her performance she met with Raymond Jarreau who was music director of the talent room. After seeing Divinity he didn't believe she could rap, so she had to audition. The rest is history. She performed a total of 4 songs. Back to Pittsburgh….  

With things at a definite high Divinity befriended mega-promoter Sheldon Roskin of Roskin/Friedman & Associates PR firm, who became somewhat of a mentor to her. Divy recorded her performances which Mr. Roskin immediately coined as "classic." Meanwhile she was selected out of over 8,000 artists to participate in the 8th Annual
Philadelphia Music Conference. Chosen by Docta Shock of the Philly Urban Legend Awards & local celebrity Supreem da Regulata, she performed a trio of songs in the urban music room including Shut up & Dance, FWG, & Why (featuring Reb Beach on acoustic guitar.) Back in Pittsburgh Jon Gorr got her a spot at a local festival.  

Roskin was more than impressed & offered to get her gigs in the New York club scene where Madonna & Lady Gaga got their start. Divinity booked a trip to New Jersey & made plans to move there. By now Roskin had her talking to 80's crooner Al B. Sure. One week before her trip, 911 happened. Sheldon's penthouse was directly across from the World Trade Center buildings- thank God he wasn't at work yet. As the buildings fell so did Divinity's chance of stardom go down in flames once again. Upset by the near miss of the nation's disaster Mr. Roskin retired suddenly.  

Stage left Paul "Chiba" Antoine- platinum award winning producer. "I went to NYC to meet Chiba & pick some music tracks. I recorded with Melnick in LA (who was now Macy Gray's engineer) then went back to NYC to record   
with Chiba. He threw me the coolest jam! It had been approved to be on Brandy's upcoming album Full Moon when she chose to work exclusively with producer Robert Smith due to her pregnancy. Like I say in the credits: one woman's trash is another's treasure"- Divinity's version of the song is called Squishy. She sent the finished cd to Sheldon who was so excited about the new music he came out of retirement to submit All or Nothing straight to the top of the music industry. That is, Clive Davis & Tommy Mottola. After 50 years of faithful service to the entertainment industry working with the top artists in the world's music arena, Roskin's submission yielded no response at all, even after many follow-up calls & emails. Sheldon said optimistically "well kid, at least they didn't say no." Divinity was not so optimistic. Feeling defeated by the gate-keepers Divinity stopped performing although she still writes & records to this day. Musical genius Donny Anthony Dee contacted her to sing some of his songs & the 2 collaborated on some of Divinity's songs, namely the title track for All or Nothing.  

After a good 20'some year run her quest for universal success ended to pursue more modest goals of being a mother. She's moved on to writing books, married & has 2 children. She recently hosted her own TV show in Fresno, CA called The Pulse to an audience of over 300,000 then moved up to produce & host her own show entitled The Precious Divinity Show.   

Divinity relinquishes, "I'll always write; that's what I do. This gift from God has been as much of a blessing as a curse. To create & not be heard is stifling my soul." She'll have to believe what David London wrote: "If it is part of the plan of the Universal Intelligence that guides us, she (Divinity) will realize her dreams."

Update 2017.  After doing a reading with Laura Eisenhower Divinity was told that she should write again & that her words had "the power to change humanity" as Miss Eisenhower put it.  Look for Divinity’s new album entitled Disillusioned.

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